Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

You aren’t going to talk to your kids in a soft voice all of the time. You’re not going to answer every. single. why question. That’s okay.
Your eyebrows needed a tweeze three years ago, whatever.
The hottest time you shared with your spouse last week was chilli night. You’re still desirable.
Even though that was the one night you made dinner at home. You caved and got take-out after doing the groceries. Again.
The laundry in your washing machine needed to be switched over two days ago. You’re still going to put it directly in the dryer.
You said you would go to bed earlier — you didn’t.
You decided to skip getting gas on the way home from work. The morning now sucks double. You’ll survive.
If you have to sing Baby Shark one more time, you may actually find the courage to eat one out of principle. Most likely not.
You probably aren’t contributing enough to your RRSP’s — get on that.
You really want to see your friends but your couch is a temptress who gets what She wants. Oh well.

Point is, shit happens. Life isn’t this #blessed reality. It is a lot of work. We do our best and have some seriously incredible times. We also fall short — fall human. Just want to get real here in an era of #bossbabes, cropped photos with light and airy filters, not-real-life-Lifestyle blogs, the bombardment of cryptic advertisements filled with emojis and promises of success while asking you for $$$ because everyone is a coach now. It’s a little annoying — my life is so great, yours could be too! It is great. But we are in the throws of adulthood. Can we please acknowledge it is also stressful sometimes? That even if I drink cucumber water, I may not be able to make this most of this particular Monday? Is that okay with you, Sharon? That’s real life. There are good moments in every day, that’s true — but let’s stop this song and dance of having all of the answers. You don’t. I don’t. Our parent’s don’t. My advice? Keep doing your best when you can, accept when you can’t and keep moving forward.