You’re A Writer

“Who’s going to write a book?” I asked. “You are! You’re the writer,” she said. But you see, I had trouble writing that sentence. I wasn’t sure if I should have ended with a comma or a period, if said was too generic, maybe exclaimed would be better? Also is italics not the right format? Should I have put ‘word’ instead? I couldn’t commit to a topic for longer than one minute. What story would I tell? I don’t see stories from beginning, to middle, to end. There is no story-line. It’s just chaos, right? That’s life. I don’t see the climax in my world. I imagine the beginning is kind of like the end, taking a shot in the dark. But here I go:

Once upon a time, there was a person. This person had a dream. It got sidetracked so they forgot about it. School finished so they started a job. They didn’t really like it but it paid the bills. Fell in love, that part was sweet. Had some babies. A lot of work, but really sweet. The babies grew up and went to school. They got jobs. Unfortunately, person wasn’t able to retire. Neither was their love who probably died first because they’re older. Then person got sick, their babies were sad. But they had also fallen in love. One with a career, the other with a family — both equally happy. So when person died, their babies were capable and strong. And person? Well person was dead but they made it until The End.