The Purpose of Being Present

She tried to find a balance carrying three elephants on her right shoulder, one monkey on her left.
After her first step, the monkey fell to the ground, she tripped — the elephants flew in the air.
Quickly, they descended. She was crushed.

She tried to find a balance, standing on stilts, on top of a scale but it tipped.
She fell on her ass. She tried to get up but it swung back and hit her in the face. She was swiftly reacquainted with the floor. Figured what the Hell and slept.

She tried to find a balance so she laughed when she cried. But she choked on her spit then, mid-smile, she died.

When she made it to the the gates, she looked at the bearded man and said, “What the Hell was that!” He stroked his grainy bush and answered, “You were killing yourself, anyway. We call it tit for tat.”